Not to be outdone…

Sophie Clarke, Midd ’11, joins classmate Frank Sweeney in Reality. For those of you that don’t know, Reality is how you top winning Prom Princess at your small rural high school.

Even though she doesn’t mention Middlebury in  her profile, we have to think that four years of “intellectual” percolation in a sexually frustrated, isolated, drama Wok has prepared Sophie to dominate Survivor.

In her own words, here’s why she’ll win: “I am tough, smart and driven. People will trust and like me even though they should not. I will piss people off, yet be convincing and heartfelt enough at the end to make them give me the money. I will mess with their minds and beat their bodies! I think it might actually be easy.”


Did I do that?!

One thought on “Not to be outdone…

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