Bashing on the birthdays

So. It’s about an hour and a half until my birthday. What are my plans? Packing. Where are my friends? At school or packing. What do I get? Stuff for school. What’s the weather? IRENE.

"Festivities." - Photo by Elodie Reed

I’m not being a total whiner. The gift money comes at a really convenient time (can’t buy those books with nothin’, honey) and it’s usually nice weather (note: tomorrow is the exception). And there’s usually some quality family time. But it isn’t easy being an end of summer kid. It was devastating in grade school, and it still kinda sucks now. For all those late Augusters and early Septemeber-ers, I feel ya. We should get a cake together sometime.

"We can make it a date!" - Photo by Elodie Reed

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