Daily Beast w/ Newsweek ranking results

So I know that some of you are like waaahhhh more rankings, who cares?

You do. Freshman year my best friend came to visit and didn’t want people to know she went to Umass Dartmouth. So Umass Dartmouth became Dartmouth, became Harvard, became Stanford…until we had cycled through every Ivy league school. And, if you looked verryyy closely, each Bowdoin student I introduced her to had a slight facial spasm when she mentioned where she went to school. Inside of every ‘Cac student the heart of a rankings whore beats.

Frankly, however, these rankings can be summed up in the following video. You’re welcome.

See the full lists here.

2nd best return on investment
19th most accessible professors
19th for international students

22nd best return on investment

19th greenest
5th happiest
3rd best food
4th horniest
23rd for activists
19th most rigorous

Most likely to be overlooked by Daily Beast rankings

8th happiest
25 activists

15th horniest
13th happiest

19th for future CEOs
3rd gay friendliest

22nd least rigorous
11th horniest
17th return on investment

4th greenest
3rd most rigorous
9th horniest
12th brainiest
8th return on investment
21st for activists
23rd most accessible professors

13th most artistic
25th for free- spirited students
6th for activists
1st horniest
18th brainiest
18th return on investment
18th for international students

6th brainiest
4th return on investment
14th most accessible professors
10th for international students

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