Interview with Trad Strings

It’s no secret that lacrosse players have a reputation for being well-dressed. Honestly, what other sport can pull off shorts that look like little boy bathing suit bottoms? But we want ‘Cac lacrosse players to be the best of the best dressed. We want them to stand out, without having to resort to piercing both their ears in a desperate plea for recognition.

And, in order to continue being the best, they’re gonna have to explore some new vendors. Keep it real. Keep it fresh. But above all keep it Trad…

This is where Traditional Strings comes in, a Massachusetts company that uses a percentage of each purchase to buy sticks for local lacrosse programs. We  interviewed the founder of Trad Strings for his opinions on sports and style.

The Trad Strings logos

The ‘Cac: First things first, who are you and how did you get started?

AP: My name is Aaron Pollock and I started Traditional Strings the summer after my sophomore year of college.  I was working at Champions Sporting Goods in Belmont, Merchandising athletic apparel and Lacrosse equipment, when I decided I wanted to stay involved with Lacrosse after my collegiate eligibility was up.  I thought with a rapidly growing Market, Lacrosse could use a clothing company that offered more aesthetic designs then stock sticks and block text.

 The ‘Cac: Do you consider lacrosse a lifelong pastime?

AP:  I am not from a “traditional lacrosse family.” However, I picked up a stick when I was freshman in high school and haven’t put it down since. I have every intention to continue playing and developing my company so yes I do consider lacrosse a lifelong pastime.

The ‘Cac: Why should athletes care about their style?

 AP: Having style on and off the playing field yields confidence.  Confidence is a great asset to any athlete. Thus athletes who care about there style elevate their game.

The seersucker pocket tee in eggplant

 The ‘Cac: What, in your opinion, are the qualities of a good coach?

 AP: A good coach should be well poised with a clear strategy to win he or she should be responsive to make changes when things clearly aren’t working. Most importantly a coach should be respectful and understanding of his or her players.  Without a mutual respect for one another things don’t work out well.

The ‘Cac: You guys are based out of MA, what is something every true masshole knows?

 AP: HAH well I am not sure that I am a masshole, but all massholes know that the dollar bill should be reprinted with “In Belichick We Trust”.

 The ‘CacWhat can you put in the pocket of a Trad Strings pocket tee?

 AP: It depends on how creative you want to be with them. I have seen cell phones, I-pods, debit cards; I have even witnessed someone walking around with an adult beverage in one.

You always need one more.

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