Pandora’s Box

Facebook isn’t the only website that has been rolling out new updates. Pandora has been revamped as well. The popular music playing website has added new features that work much like Facebook (in its glory days… before all this public, everyone, friend sharing nonsense and creepy friendship profile creation; letting everyone know you’ve  been friends with that weird kid from AP Bio since 2008). The new Pandora  allows users to make enhanced user profiles featuring their favorite artists and songs. The updated site also includes easy access to artists’ discographies and similarities to other artists. Of course, Pandora would be even better if it had been updated by the guy who writes The Oatmeal cartoons.

The Oatmeal? Awesome. Actual oatmeal? Primordial ooze.


Overall, the improvements to Pandora seem more promising than the improvements to Facebook. Facebook’s blog claims that Facebook’s “improved” state will allow users to, “share posts, photos, tags and other content with exactly the people you want” and allow users more opportunities to see what games their friends are playing. Sweet, more notifications about my grandma playing Mafia Wars from her iPad and asking me for sheep for her Farmville.

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it (Zuckerberg),”

Low Cal

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