The passing of Bowdoin’s 12th president, a Wes grad

Yesterday, Bowdoin College President Barry Mills wrote a letter to the community announcing the passing of Bowdoin’s 12th President, A. Leroy “Roy” Greason Jr.

The passing of this great man is not only notable for his 10 year tenure as Bowdoin’s president, but for his lifelong active citizenship in the state of Maine. He was a graduate of Wesleyan who would go on to receive honorary degrees from Bates and Colby. Roy started as an English professor at Bowdoin in 1952, before serving as Dean of the College and eventually president.

The quote President Mills chose to represent Roy is evidence of his humble commitment to public service, it comes from a Baccalaureate address he made in 1981: “We are seldom absolutely right. Even when most alive and living beyond ourselves, we had best walk humbly with our gods.”

Roy will certainly be missed in Brunswick and beyond.


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