Bring back that hating feeling…

So I’m reading this story about the president of Williams throwing out the first pitch at a Pirates game…and it’s a nice story, it’s a feel good. Good for Adam Falk for being the first Williams president on record to throw out a major league first pitch. And I also see that they beat the Cardinals, which is obviously nothing to sneeze at…

Then I get to the part about the Pirate’s GM being an Amherst grad. Um. HELLO? Have you no shame?! You’re just going to let Williams have a “Williams night” at the PNC and parade around like they own the place, not to mention letting their commander-in-chief handle your balls.

The Falk...

Excuse me, but I didn’t think a rivalry was something you could outgrow in a day or two. Keep fighting, seriously. It’s so much more entertaining for the rest of us.

Better than Dido:

3 thoughts on “Bring back that hating feeling…

  1. The owner of the Pirates and his 2 daughters went/go to Williams. The heinous part is that he hired the amherst grad in the first place. Unacceptable, Bob.

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