Colby’s Drew Magary ’98 Published a Novel Today

Colby’s Drew Magary ’98 published The Postmortal today, a novel regarding a future in which old age can no longer kill you.

“Big Daddy” Drew is the cofounder of Kissing Suzy Kolber and a contributing editor for Meatspin Deadspin. He also writes for other places like HuffPo, NBC, GQ and Maxim.

Drew is quick to point out that The Postmortal has garnered better ratings on Goodreads than Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and Jack Keroauc’s On the Road but still has some work to do if it wants to catch the King James edition of the Holy Bible. Here’s to hoping he gets there but then people get their acts together and give those first two books higher ratings.

Anyway, you can buy The Postmortal here for the bargain price of $9.63 (Mother China’s take: how is he going to make any money selling it for nine dollars? Beats me). I’ve emailed with Drew before (Colby readers: he likes Dana chicken patties), so maybe we’ll get an interview. Or maybe not. Whatever.

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