The hits channel

Surprise. Timeflies came out with another banger. Tuesday has been so banged around that I hardly recognize the day…until I wake up with a warm feeling in my pants and the sensation that anything is possible–and then I know. zip-a-dee-frickin-doo-da

This week Timeflies pays tribute to Bob Dylan, and the farthest thing from Bob Dylan–an unpredictable nomad with no sense of direction and a complicated relationship with the suburbs.

I mean Irene, obviously.

And here are my top Dylan songs of all time. Feel free to disagree, but you’re basically wrong.

1. Jokerman

YouTube video for this song made it into the Works Cited page of my final paper freshmen year. Yes, that important to my thought process. I’m sure that there is some intense meaning behind all the religious archetypes but I like to stick to the simple truths: “fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” True, true, so damn true.

2. Don’t Think Twice

The ultimate in passive aggression. “I ain’t saying you treated me unkind” I’m just saying you’re an asshole who never returned my texts. Did Dylan pioneer female angst? #whoatoomuch

3. Positively 4th Street

Bob Dylan farts in your general direction. Great song for anyone who didn’t peak in high school, if you did there’s this and the Home Shopping Network.

Honorable Mention:  Spirit on the Water. It’s been a long day of unpacking and I’ve run out of clever things to say. Brushing my teeth will require most of my remaining effort and will likely kill me. Oh the DRAAAMA, the DRAMA!

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