Yes, yes, and yes

Things that I’m excited about and/or deserve comment in the new MTV Real World trailer depicting Midd grad Frank Sweeney.

1. Taco Tuesday, obviously. “You can’t club to the extreme until you eat beef supreme”~me.  In an aside, to the kid that came up to me at a party last year and asked me if I liked chorizo: A. yes, I realize that you are Mexican and that chorizo is a Mexican sausage B. I love chorizo, it’s delicious C. I don’t love your chorizo.

On second thought, I’m not as excited for Taco Tuesday as I am for the morning after (Breakfast Burrito Wednesday.) #Thorne-y

2. That guy just TOUCHED A SEAGULL. Do you know how hard that is to do unless you cover your hand in fish guts and other rancid muck? He touched a seagull with a CLEAN HAND. *respects*

3. Thor

4. Quoted: “Are you guys our roommates?” No bro, we saw the MTV cameras and somehow conjured all of these rolling duffels so that we could walk into your house and enjoy 5 minutes of fame in the season opener.

Yes, we’re your freaking roommates. And we’re going to have lottts of fun together.

5. Watching my best friend Nate, obviously.

6. Quoted: “I don’t know if I have the emotional stability to undergo that type of procedure.” Listen, I’m really sorry that this show was your only way to pay for med school, but can you make your intelligence a little less obvious, it’s MTV after all. Just point to the Bay Bridge and ask if it’s the Golden Gate.

7. Frank hooking up with everybody. Frank standing up for himself. Frank’s headbands. Frank making Nate cry? I know Nate’s my best friend, but Nate isn’t ‘Cac so…yeah I’ll probably laugh unless MTV took this out of context and his dog just died.

8. Frank. And MTV giving a transgender person more air time than just “True Life.” Sam/ Samantha looks chill.

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