Stuff ‘Cac students like #9

Rocking its
All the way to

Not that cereal is only a breakfast food.  Far from. Breakfast is an anytime food. It’s a “I just saved money by switching to Geiko” food. It’s a late night social snack–fundamentally immune to indecision due to ease of cross-branding–AND it goes great with milk.

Bonsai kitty ated all your cerealz

Which brings us to the fundamental question: which cereal is most ‘Cac. And the answer is…

Frosted CheerKrispies. It’s the traditionalism of Cheerios, the mastery of basic syllabic sound effects a la Rice Krispies, and a sweet patina of unidentifiable white stuff.

Frankly, it makes me want to la la in the kitchen on the floor.

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