New England (+ Clinton, NY?)

While I was making my daily rounds on YouTube I stumbled upon this Jenna Marbles video.

Never have I ever had more reasons to go to school in New England than after watching this video. In fact, here are my top five reasons, lest you forget that we live in the Goodlands.

1. The American Revolution was started in New England. They threw a party and took shots heard around the world. That’s my understanding of it anyway.

2.  Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall.

Notice how there is a period after each of those things? That’s because they are four separate things with distinct looks and feels. A lot of people get that wrong, but we didn’t.

3.  Clam chowder with a dairy base, as it should be. Which you know how to make if you took the MCAS circa 2007.

4. Noseface Killah, and previous to that (and forever) bloody sock.

5.  Because it’s like England, but newer. So saddle up your yacht mofos because we’re going riding.

And a close 6:

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