Is this the best parking reminder ever?

“Dear students (with cars):

Remember when parking used to be fun, like sitting on Lookout Point with your high school sweetheart sipping on a soda pop with two straws, watching the twinkling lights of the city? Neither do I. So this is a reminder that regular parking enforcement starts this week. We absolutely loathe writing parking tickets (We’d much rather catch real criminals!), so here is the best way to avoid the indignity of getting one…and save us the trouble of writing them…

REMEMBER, parking tickets are exorbitantly expensive ($25), especially in this economy. After you accumulate three tickets, the fine doubles from there on out, and, even more disturbing, you will be labeled a parking SCOFFLAW! Ouch!!! Try explaining that to your high school sweetheart!”

1:46, let that be a lesson unto you–Susie will break your heart, but heroin will break your face

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