Progression of falling asleep in class

1. It’s 8 AM, I would rather pull out all of my teeth with a pair of rusty pliers than go to class right now.
2. The prof is lecturing, I am literally thinking about pulling out my teeth to get out of this. Must find pliers…is there an app for that?
3. If someone held up a puppy and said “this puppy will die unless you can keep your eyes open for 5 consecutive seconds” that puppy would be gone.
4. Commence seizure-like blinking, need to wake up, thinking sexy thoughts
5. Sexy thoughts fail, all I want is my mattress, fascinated by mattress mirage in the middle of Professor’s forehead…
6. Had a dream class was over, woke up and it was all lies
7. Casually wiping off pile of drool on table, Prof looks pissed
8. Can’t fight it, I’m sleeping and I don’t care who’s watching. I’m going to end up on one of those creepy blogs…oh wait what? class is over? Sweet, I’m going home to take the best nap of my life.
9. I feel weirdly alert, kinda want to check FB. Nap later?


Goodrich common room. (Non-Goodrich resident.) “Was it the two pizzas from Domino’s? The hearty “man talk” session that  preceded it? Perhaps just the fact that it’s 2am on a Wednesday night,  and Poker is out in the boonies.” — couldn’t have said it better.

Get some.

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