NIGHT CLASS +extra sports rundown +hurling +blinknoise

3 Hours. 30 Students. One poorly suited grad-student “professor” holding his seminar class during the first Monday Night Football game of the year.  You, sir, are an asshole. Plain and simple.  While you stand at the front of the room wearing your baby-shit green button down and your misaligned UConn standard issue belt, I sit here helpless and consider how this class, the Psychology of Masculinity, could be so easily and adequately replaced by the Physicality of an Epic Thunderdome Brawl between the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins.  OH yeah and in case you missed it, the Baltimore Ravens ran a train all up on in some team from northwest pennsylvania on Sunday.


In other NESCAC action this weekend, The Connecticut College Camels got the best of Fine China’s Colby Asses in a three-sport showdown.  The Lady Camels fell to Colby 1-0 in a hard-fought contest in Waterville.  Conn goalie and fellow Baltimoron Amy Lowitt made four saves, including a rebound with six minutes to go in the game that led to Colby’s Nikki Pickering slotting in the game winner.

Conn’s illustrious Men’s Futbolers took the Mules 2-0 off of two goals by freshman Kevin O’Brien.  Junior Winslow Murdoch assisted O’Brien’s first goal, and sophomore Billy Hawkey assisted the second.

In field hockey, Conn tallied first and last to win a 3-2 thriller at Colby.  Goals by Courtney Erskine and Sarah Falkof for the Mules were not enough, as Conn’s two goals from Brittany Fitzgerald and Paige Murray were supplemented in the final seconds by a goal from sophomore Laura Sanderson.

(sicker than field hockey…)

It’s now 14-14. Brady’s on the fantasy squad so I’m pullin for a shootout.  In the meantime, Blink 182 just came out with a new songYEEEEEES (with lyrics for you angsty karaoke types).

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