Sleepless #inthecac

College woman. College man. Two distinct creatures, often at odds with one another… Now an anonymous blogger at Tufts is giving the female perspective on hookup culture via her blog Dateless Diva.

Money quotes:

“One of my first older guy/freshman girl experiences was with a guy that, now when I think about hooking up with him, makes me want to vomit on his penis. Let’s just say he had one of those initial names, and not the cute kind. I met him at a party that I discovered by trolling for loud music, so it was still very early into my freshman career…”

“having a dude text you and say “come over” is about as exciting as taking a shit. Don’t get too worked up about it and if it is after 12am, don’t go.”

“any horrible situation is going to make an incredibly hilarious story later”

“He banged on the door for 10 minutes yelling my name and begging for me to open the door. Then he sat outside my door for 30 minutes, like he thought I was kidding…”

“If you are someone who just needs a Mr. Right Now, then I advise you to make sure Mr. Right Now likes you for you and not just what you can do for him. Try getting to know each other a little, because then if it ends, maybe you will have made a friend (doubtful, but maybe). However, if the sex is really good, then hold onto that shit because that is rare at our age. Only hookup if you are also getting something out of it (other than just the promise that it might lead to more) and that will (hopefully) keep you from feeling used.

In the mean time, if you are feeling blue, ask yourself this: Do you really like your crush enough to have their hairy, sweaty ass in your bed day after day? Yeah, didn’t think so.”


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