I know club baseball doesn’t always quite cut it in terms of getting your competitive edge on, so we’ve decided to start a little game. As the title suggests, we’ve decided to launch the first ‘CAC DORM ROOM CONTEST so we can have a little creative competition up in hurrrrr.

The premise:

You have an awesome room. You want to show off that room. You take a FEW (not just one, but no more than eight) pictures of your awesome room and send them to with the header DORM ROOM CONTEST. We’ll then compile the pictures from across the ‘Cac and present you with the top contenders. There may be voting. There will be multiple categories. There will be prizes.

The rules:

– You must send pictures of YOUR OWN ROOM

Please don’t send more than 8 pictures

– In the submission include your year, grade, dorm name, and respective institution

Deadline: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14th

Note: that gives all of you all ABOUT THREE WEEEKS to get creative and send in those pictures.

Get busy….

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