Jargon (jargs)

It’s highly improbable that I invented this, but I’m probably the first one to put a name to it so…*

Morning Blowket: A coping mechanism for attending 8 AM class, employed during the period of the year in which the ‘Cac is already cold as balls but the heat has not yet been turned on (<<also known as fall.) Accomplished by stumbling out of bed at 7:30 swathed in blankets, immediately giving up on life and sitting on the floor. This collapse is followed by the use of a blow-dryer to funnel hot air into said blankets which trap said air, giving the college student 2 minutes of indescribable pleasure and a renewal of spirit which lasts until approximately 8:05.

*I’d like to thank my high school boyfriend for laying the groundwork for this post. I’m sorry I thought it was weird that you used an antiquated blow-dryer to dry off after showering. That was genius, you were a keeper

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