Doin’ da Nug

We at Trinity know how to host a party– that’s a fact widely known not only in the NESCAC, but also at colleges up and down the eastern seaboard. That said, this past Friday night the entire nation got a taste of some of the moves happening at da Trin when Rachael Burke ’14 and Kristina Smithy ’14, self-proclaimed “besties” and roommates at Trinity, were invited on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as the winners of the 2011 Dance Challenge.

Now if a white girl from prep school can do it, so can you! Keep these moves in mind the next time you’re out  (which should be sometime in the next two to four days, but who’s counting…), and feel free to visit the HeartBeat if you’re in the neighborhood…

Check out the full clip here:
And check out their audition video here:

Now if Jimmy only knew the real meaning of “Late Night”…

Fire hazard? Fire hazard.

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