What’s new, crew?

Tufts Daily:

“With Tufts’ new alcohol policy, which underwent revision this summer for the second time in two years, first-time offenders of university regulations will receive a warning rather than automatically being placed on Disciplinary Probation One (“pro-one”), according to Dean of Student Affairs Bruce Reitman.”


The Spectator:

“…Campus Safety, Residential Life and Student Activities are now working more adamantly than before to enforce Hamilton’s already-existing rules. It’s likely that students are assuming there are changes in Hamilton’s alcohol policy because they simply aren’t used to Campus Safety officers and RAs taking such an active role in campus law-enforcement as they have been this school year.”

But the real news is…

“[The need for change] has more to do with this feeling that it’s a free-for-all” –Lisa Magnarelli ’96, associate dean of students for engagement and leadership, Hamilton College

Whaaaaaaaat?! Koledge, an alcohol free for all? Nuh uh.



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