‘Cac Tennis Dominates at New England Championships

This should really come as no surprise, as the ‘Cac was by far the best represented conference at the Division III New England ITA Championships this past weekend at Williams. The talent level wasn’t even close. We da best. To point: Of the 32 singles players remaining after the first round, 28 were ‘Cacians. Only 2 ‘Cacbros fell to non-‘Cacsters in the first round, and they will now be publicly shamed. Feel free to throw rotten apples at them:

Conn's Jeff Weisberger '12 fell to a guy from Springfield. What's that?

Tufts' Austin Blau '14 lost to a nerd from MIT. This is less egregious.


Sixth-seeded Joey "Fresh" Fritz '14 won the singles draw with a 3-set win over Williams' Matt Micheli.



The fourth-seeded Williams duo of Trey “Songz” Meyer ’13 and Bryan “Don’t Call Me Leslie” Chow ’13 won the doubles draw with an 8-2 shlacking over teammates Felix Sun ’13 and Matt Micheli ’14 (who, by the way, hits the absolute piss out of the ball).

Oh, and your boy Fine China fucked around and got a triple-double first-round doubles win over a Nichols Community College squad. Yeah we got smoked by ‘Herst in the second round. Whatevers. HIIIYAA!

Ready to pounce.

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