I feel old.

Here I am, thinking I’m on the cutting edge of social media. Twitter? Uh yeah. Blowing that up like mentos and Cola since like 6:30 AM. Facebook? Obviously. If I update my status any more frequently I will probably get a counseling referral…that’s what I’m hoping for, anyway. Google+? Obvs. Activated and rejected that shit back in July.

So in light of all of this social media whoring I’ve been doing lately, I was shocked SHOCKED by the revelation that I don’t understand modern journalism. Like not at all.


Have I gone soft… lost my touch? I used to be a Sam Jakimo in a sea of product abusers, but thanks to The Tufts Daily I can no longer wait two weeks before I have my next existential crisis–it came early.

See, my understanding was that if you’re lucky enough to get an interview with Zooey Deschanel you should try reallyyy hard to conceal the fact that you gave her show 2.5 stars the week before. Like probably even go back in the blog archive and delete the review for good measure, untweet etc.

But apparently, apparently amid soundbites that one lucky staff writer was able to garner you just casually drop the fact that you shit on her new rom com because hey why not.

“That was 2.5 Zooey, 2.5. I’m a professional 19-year-old television critic, I would know…”

No shame, that’s what I need. No shame. Then I can interview Summer instead of twexting with @PeterAwad615.


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