Some things about the shirts

-The shirts actually say The ‘Cac on the front instead of NESCAC, they’ve been around in limited numbers at Conn with the NESCAC design and we’ll put pictures of the new front up asap, however the picture on the back is exactly the same except in the banner it says

-If you feel like you’ve been deceived and lied to and “don’t want to wear that shit” shoot us an enraged email at to cancel your order

-Or don’t, because these are the type of reviews the shirts have gotten in the past:

-We’ll ship all of the orders for each school to one of our Reps at the school, then they’ll send an e-mail to everyone who ordered a shirt and coordinate pick-ups.

-That’s who you pay.

P.S. This is what you do when the gawdamned straw breaks off!

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