She says, he says

Going to the chapel and they're gonna get shwaaaastyyy

There is nothing on this side of paradise that pits the genders against one another like hookup culture. Let’s be honest, it’s a booty call eat booty call world and there ain’t nothing us good people can do about it.

So when we stumbled upon DeeDee’s Dateless Diva blog, giving the female perspective on Tufts’ hookup culture, we asked her to encapsulate the whole damn mess for the readership of HuffPost College–which she did.


But (literally) behind every emotionally  scarred college woman is an equally sensitive college man, down to grind  down to impart some sage Y chromosome wisdom. Hookup culture could very well favor the bro, but objectors should at least figure out how to swing (or avoid) it.

So, stay tuned for a rebuttal from one of our wisest bros, and remember:

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