Political protest– now a thing

Photo Credit Argus and Andy Ribner

The #occupywallstreet movement** has officially hit the ‘Cac after 5 Wes students were arrested on the Brooklyn bridge Saturday. They were in good company (oh 700), and according to the Argus included reporter Erin Newport ’13.

Newport, who later wrote about her experience, explained “While we did all that we could to maintain an objective distance and a journalistic perspective, my physical proximity to the protest proved to be my undoing.” #tooAmerican #notsorry

Erin would spend the night in jail, but not uninspired. Apparently, as police arrested protesters and they took up the ballad kumbaya (surprise), one of Newport’s new acquaintances remarked “If there is ever something to be arrested for, this is it…Your first time being arrested should mean something.” 

Couldn’t agree more. Check out the whole piece, it’s definitely worth a read. Meanwhile, I will be lamenting the fact that my friends aren’t cool enough to send me texts like, “Going to jail. Might have to postpone dinner.”

WesTech, getting it done.

**Occupy Wallstreet has been going on for the past two weeks. It’s a Populist movement with a mixed agenda, albeit unified under the sentiment of narrowing the class divide.

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