October is a magical time to be a Bantam. This past weekend, not only could we cheer on our football team to their 40th consecutive home win, but we could do so while nomming on free barbecue, wearing free t-shirts, creeping on the visiting teams, and, lest we forget, preparing our livers and brains for Tropical.

Barbecue and free t-shirts:

Sweetie, can you pass me a keystone and a shish kabob?

Creeping (and we’re so glad she did):

Look at the poor bastard just trying to fit in....

Preparing for Tropical:

Tropical, for those of you who might be a bit confused, is a Tropical themed party hosted by a fraternity on campus. Why, might you ask, do they have such a party when the remnants of summer are beginning  to turn into rainy mid-fall? That’s easy. It’s a test. It’s a test of endurance, determination, and capacity for rage. It’s a test to see if you can play the games called, “Talk Your Way Out of A Write Up,” “Where Am I,” and “Where Did My Rainbows Go.” It’s a test to see if you can keep up at da Trin. To some, this sounds horrible, but to others (namely the 1,000+ people who showed up on Saturday), it sounds like a damn good time.

To give you some sense of the magnitude of this party, I give you this video. Although it may look like a fairly lame dance party at first, wait like…10 more seconds. Then you’ll get it.

Hint: if you still don’t get it, that shot that looks like it could be a lot of college kids at a dance party is actually waywaytoomany college kids at a tropical dance rager. Way different.

So that was fun.

What’s up next, you ask? Oh, only a long weekend, 80’s Dance, and Halloween…

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