My day on MV

Got out of bed, ate breakfast, sat in car…then I woke up. #checktheorder Driving to the ferry, activities included my mom putting in the new Tony Bennett CD and forcing my stepdad and I to guess who he was singing with.

Got none of them right without extreme hints, fell asleep during Kate Lang duet. Still don’t know who Kate Lang is. **Editor’s Note: KD Lang #whatevermom

In typical fashion we missed the ferry by 30 seconds, so I decided to poke around Woods Hole. I passed a pirate who wished me “Good Evening.” It was 8:45 AM…one of us may have been drunk.

I also didn’t climb on the whale, mainly because there wasn’t one.


Once on the island, we did the awkward “admire people’s houses while they’re still in them” self-guided walking tour. It’s FREE!


Schwinning! And by schwinning I mean renting, because apparently an unlocked bike outside a social house on a Sunday night is too much of a temptation for some people to handle. Moral of the story? Lock your bike if you’re going to party on a Sunday, or the Lord will strike you down.

Worst crew team ever?

Stopped off at the obvious places…

Last looks:

Plus a bike bus clusterfuck that I don’t really want to talk about.

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