Tweets of the Week: YCST

This is Tweets of the Week “you can’t say that” edition, in which I arbitrarily tell people YCST.

1. I just looked everywhere for video of this incident and couldn’t find it, so YCST.

2. Goats >elderly people, so YCST.
3. You’re just jealous, so YCST.
 4. You suck as a dictator so YCST
 5. This makes me think of the word “chafing” so YCST
 6. “Hipster” and “unapologetic slut” are two entirely different social media memes so YCST
 7. Girls should only wear skirts so YCST
8. Nobody gives a shit about nettles so YCST
 9. You’re probably not allowed to do that so YCST
 10. You should be wiping your leg off so YCST
 11. Freedom of speech is like a thing so YCST
 12. I would say YCST, but coincidentally YCST might be misconstrued to mean You Can Say That in which case #iblamewallstreet

Oh wait, we’re in America? NVM, CARRY ON.


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