Because Tufts doesn’t really do football… #homecoming

Contrary to incredible popular belief (naht), Tufts is not an athletic school. At all, in fact. This past weekend was homecoming #jumboswag and here is how it went for one partying Jumbo (read: me):

9:45am pancakes, eggs, mimosas, and beers (lots of it)

11:00am since there was NO TAILGATING due to a CHANCE OF RAIN (what school does that, really? it’s HOMECOMING. FOOTBALL.), we continued with more beer. and shots.

1:30pm decision to go to the game (it started at 12). the adventure begins with a stop at theta chi, then at 123 (theta delta chi) and then dtd (delta tau delta) where we dropped a friend off. we then went merrily on our way while singing america the beautiful to kraft field. picked up burgers, chatted, and then went to the game. surprisingly, 3/4 of the stands were filled. everyone else was probably passed out drunk or partying at the frats.

2:00pm i personally start belligerently attempting to coach the team while in the stands. a number of fraternity brothers and i get into an argument over the offensive line. i win the argument, and they concede. but tufts loses 9-0 to trinity college in football. this is apparently a very bad score compared to trinity’s past shut out games. i’m not sure how on earth they managed to NOT make their extra kick, but i wasn’t there for that. i did watch the tufts qb, johnny lindquist, (celebrated in the tufts daily HERE and HERE) attempt to pass and took so much time that he tripped and was THEN tackled. i also saw him try another pass a few minutes later and mishandle the ball and throw it right into the ground. it bounced.

3:00pm we walk dejectedly back home, missing two friends and stumbling.

6:30pm nap time for the girls and a meeting time (tufts kids never stop) for me before meeting up at dewick, the lower campus dining hall. don’t worry, we are still drunk at this point. unfortunately the dining hall closed soon enough that we kind of failed on real food. happens.

9:30pm laughing at my house mates who can barely function. hang overs mid day aren’t fun – good thing i don’t get them! cuz from that point on everything was an 80s blur, live band and all…i basically fratted out, didn’t you?

ps: i would post more photos but the current state of tufts + facebook photos is VERY poor. fail. it’s all in good fun…

ps: women’s volleyball won, men’s soccer won, and men’s rugby won. i guess we aren’t so bad at sports after all… #JUMBOSWAG

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