The ‘Bubs do it again

So, four days ago the Beelzebubs (Tufts oldest, all male a cappella group) released their new album, Battle (It is available on iTunes, HERE and you can buy it directly from their website HERE). They tend to release an album every other Spring, but didn’t last year because they were busy recording for Glee. 13 covers of your most favorite songs sung by Tufts best? HELL YES. the songs include One Day (Matisyahu), Bump ‘n Grind (R. Kelly), and Closet Freak (Cee Lo Green), among others. Unexpected songs, but they are all really, really well done.

According to A Cappella Records, the Bubs pretty much are gods (true statement). “As far as their studio works are concerned, each of their previous albums has been celebrated by both the Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards (CARAs) and multiple album review sites, including the Recorded A cappella Review Board (RARB). Their tracks appear regularly in every heralded a cappella compilation out there, from Best of College A cappella (BOCA) to the SING series.”

Check out their live performance at University of Maryland of “One Day,” one of the tracks on the new album:

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