They’re Heeeeeeeere

As one astute observer in the twitterverse put it…

Ah Family Weekend…. that wonderful time of the year when Summit Street turns into what looks like a luxury car show and we see  a sudden uptick in people over the age of 40 sprawled out across the quad. Between football (31-0 win for Trin! Sorry, Bowdoin…), free BBQ (and beer, thanks to Psi U), and the endless opportunities to people-watch, this weekend doesn’t get much better for those of us without family coming to visit. Sure, the promise of hanging out with your mom and dad while eating really nice food at really nice restaurants that you personally don’t have to pay for may seem tempting, but is it really worth the effort needed to clean your room,  take that bag off of your smoke detector, and maintain a certain level of decorum while dealing with your family in public for three whole days? Most may say, “yes,” but I still think it’s up for debate.

Regardless of if your family descended this past weekend or not, you still got to enjoy this:

Free beer: remarkably flat, but who's really complaining...

Pep Band and Dancers from a local school (those girls can DANCE)




And the "Most Chill Mascot Award" goes to....

I should become a dog paparazzi...

Oh…there was also a wedding in the chapel. Does it get any more picturesque?

This is not real life...

Now all that’s left to do is to make room for your leftovers next to your High Life (Atwood’s having a sale, btw), throw out that pizza box from last night, and finally start your homework…

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