Fine China’s Bad Poetry Corner, Vol. I

And this, my friends, is what you learn in Poetry Writing I at Colby College. I’ll be handing this in in approximately 8 hours, but remember where you got the first look at the poem that’ll set the world a-metaphorical-flame: In the ‘Cac.

Blame_me got us started a few weeks back. McShaq and Perberr, where you at? Leggo.

What do you write about when you have nothing to say?

I’ll try an ars poetica: a good type to attack.
Remember it can’t rhyme, because rhyming is wack.
It should have a certain structure, no doubt about that.
Let’s try some four-line stanzas and see where we’re at.

Some say the lines should be all even and neat;
others say writing a poem
like this
would be quite a feat.

Metaphors, of course, who could forget about those?
I had chicken and tots for dinner, you know
fingers and

We’re close to the end, but what about the turn?
And where’s the surprise? What bridges to burn?
Don’t worry my friend, because I’ve got your back,
with a pop-culture reference: Jay-Z Fade to Black.

If that were the end, would I be wrong?
No turn equals no poem, plus it rhymes,

so is it a song?

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