It’s that time of year again…no not THAT time of year. I’m not ready for snow, scraping off my car, slipping and falling on my way to class, or “Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey” (or “Santa Claus Got Stuck in My Chimney” for that matter). I could however, go for a crazy Christmas sweater right about now. #Cardiganlove

Honestly, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I’ll take any excuse to pretend to be a little kid again. I’m not even mildly ashamed to admit that I went trick or treating until I was a senior in high school. Why should I say no to free candy and getting to dress up like a Disney Princess, or Jimi Hendrix, or whatever the HELLA I want. Trick o’ Treating in college is not nearly as fun.¬† Trick o’ Treating for Keystone and Natty is not as cool as getting a plastic pumpkin full of Milk Duds, PayDays, and Twix bars… as long as there aren’t any raisins.

PSA to people giving out candy this year… if you wouldn’t eat it, why subject me to eating it? Also, why give me reason to knock on your door again and throw those mini Sun Maid boxes at yo face?

Our president hands out candy on Halloween. Who's with me?

I feel that this song is order. Did I mention how much I love Legos? #OhHappyDay

Monster Mash Wah-oo,

Low Cal

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