The chicken, the rice, the soup, and the fortune cookies.

Happy Thirsties.

Coupla odds n ends. Long jawwn. Breakdown: Centennial Weekend, Halloweenswagswag, Men’s Soccer Round-up, College Voice #shonolove, Weekend Banger UAV, online. 

First, Centennial Weekend at ConnColl was out of control.  It became evident that all the money Conn has made on suspended kids’ tuition and on parking tickets (a similar number if I had to guess, Conn’s Campus Safety officers double as parking czars) over the years was spent on the Friday night fireworks display.  Put K.Perry to shame.  Literally the best I’ve ever seen.  Saturday’s festivities included a Men’s Soccer victory over Coast Guard (I’ll cut the Coasties some slack, the fireworks had them at defcon-5 for the entire night previous), Harvest Fest, an Alumni Party (crashed, looted), a Beam-signing in the half-built Science Center, and a Gala Event in the Student Center that evening.

And Thennn.  A quick round-up of the best  worst most epic Halloween Costume ideas I’ve heard floating around Conn in the past few days.  Disclaimer: if you steal these ideas, remember that we’re hovering around 1,000 views a week, so chances are someone’s gonna blow up your spot.

1. The Oscillating Fan. Lots of slow, 180-degree rotations and aggressive cheering and clapping.

2. Team Globo Gym.  Overheard via twitter but legendary nonetheless.

3. Dead Michael Jackson, with dolls.  Much, much too soon.

4.  The Office/Modern Family.  Nearly impossible to distinguish unless done perfectly.

5. The 1%. #Occupy deeeez nuts

6. Rebels and Dead Qaddafi/SEAL Team 6 with Dead Osama. Patriotic? I guess?

7. The cast of Arthur. No, Muffy is not allowed to look like a slut.  Don’t you steal my childhood like that.

8. The Republican Presidential Candidates.  And Sarah Palin. And Donald Trump. And Rush Limbaugh.

9. The Cast of the Jersey Shore. Somewhat played out, seeing as they sell this at iParty and at Party City now (and at Wal-Mart actually…), but still solid if done well. Dibs on Deena

10. Anything that’s actually really fucking scary. It’s a backwards double ironical because halloween is about being ironic and no one is actually scary anymore so bail on the slut-gear, stop being funny, and scare the nuts off some 8-year-olds.

ANDD THENNNN. A quick Men’s Soccer round-up.  We don’t have football at Conn so futbol is what’s good in the fall.  Yesterday, unbeatens Wesleyan and Amherst faced Trinity and Conn, respectively, to determine who would receive the one seed heading into the 8-team championship.  Curveball: Trin knocked off Wes 2-0, and Conn bested Amherst 3-2.  Conn travels to Hartford this weekend in a 3-6 matchup to try to avenge an early season loss to the Bantams.  Amherst takes the top seed by virtue of a better record than Wes against top-4 teams, so they face eighth-seeded Colby at home in the quarterfinals.  The Cardinals from Middletown will face a slighted Middlebury squad coming off a ‘Cac Championship season in their quarterfinal matchup.  Tufts @ Williams in the 4-5.

ANDDDDD THENNNNNNNN. I responded in kind (not that kindly) to the opinion article on the College Voice website the day it came out (Not All It’s ‘Cac-ed Up to Be, It really is all its cac’ed up to be…), but the website crashed a day later, conveniently wiping out all the comments.  The articles have since been restored, but the eloquent dialogue that occurred betwixt the piece’s author and myself has been lost to the interwebs.  To summarize: the author is a freshman and probably has not come into contact with laxtitutes yet.  I don’t like my ‘cacswag post (from which the author grabbed all of her quotes from me) but I like the gear so I left it alone. Point: I am not embarrassed, really by anything.  Counterpoint: Once, I was meeting an old girlfriend’s parents for the first time at her kitchen table and I turned to crack my back and tore off a real quacker of a fart by accident. Moving on, I want to celebrate celebrating drinking with the author. I will try to diversify my Conn posts so that I do not so heavily glorify the omnipresent alcohol culture in the midst of which we find ourselves on various nights from Tuesday through Sunday.  I hope that the author will guest-blog for the illustrious Any publicity is good publicity.


DJ Yoni of BigGreenBeats fame will be at Psi U at Wesleyan Friday night. Expect electro and mashy bangers all night.

Pierce Fulton will be at Midd on Saturday, ups to D.Moo for the put-on. Danky; of Yacht Week fame.

This is just a raw thumping gem that should be a part of your costume-clad weekend.

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