Interview: Real World’s Frank Sweeney

Frank Sweeney, Midd ’11, is currently blowing up your TV screens on the newest season of Real World. The illustrious MiddBlog’s got all of the episode recaps here and the most recent episode recap here.

Frank, also a presence on Twitter (yo) @MTVFrankSweeney got down with us like any good MiddKid turned Reality Star should (Sophie, you’re next).

The ‘Cac: Why did you decide to audition for Real World? What did your family say when you told them you were going to be on Real World?

FS: I auditioned for the Real World sort of on a whim. The auditions were at an Irish pub in Burlington on St. Patty’s Day. As I moved along in the process I started to realize how this could be used to establish a positive platform for a lot of LGBT youth and how wildly different it could be from my college life – so I went with it!

When they found out, my family was like, “what’s the Real World?” And I let them figure it out for themselves…

The ‘Cac: Which moments make you cringe when you rewatch them?

FS: Whenever I am casually humping under the sheets or tongue spanking someone on screen, it definitely makes me quiver a bit. I am not all about watching myself hook up! Sex tapes just aren’t my thing, I guess.

There are also a few moments in the season that are very emotionally charged, not just for me but for some of the roommates that I love, that are really tough to watch simply because no one wants to revisit nasty moments.

The ‘Cac: What’s the biggest lesson you learned about life or yourself from being on the show? Do you have any regrets?

FS: NO REGRETS! Breaking vases, faces and hearts all day long!

No, but on a serious note, I have no regrets. I grew up more from this experience than anything I had ever done before in my life. It was a strange microcosm of a world that forced me out of my comfort zone and made me recognize consequences for my actions that I never really saw before in the bubble that was Middlebury.

I learned to be unapologetic for my character and strong in my convictions. I also learned that being a bully never really stops bullying.

The ‘Cac: Did you have opportunities to rep Midd to the people you encountered on RW?

FS: I am trying to get my castmates (well, the ones who aren’t deplorable examples of humanity) to come to Middlebury and hang! I am so proud to have graduated from there and I miss it terribly! I shared everything with those who I was close with in the house, and they know how important Midd is to me and as much as I could, I showed them just how amazing my college life was!This season seems to give more attention to diversity of sexual orientation than Real World has in the past, why is this a good thing for MTV?

The ‘Cac: This season seems to give more attention to diversity of sexual orientation than Real World has in the past, why is this a good thing for MTV?

FS: I am so happy that this season highlights LGBT issues. This is the gayest season since Pedro! I am thrilled to be a part of it. Of course I haven’t done the most upstanding job of representing the community because I am human and make mistakes, but I feel that as the season progresses we will see change for the better! Especially in the political climate and after the public string of tragedies in middle and high schools since 2010, there is a huge call for LGBT issues to be highlighted positively. The Real World is the perfect platform to do so. It is unfortunate that we came under such fire from the homophobia of roommates (or rather, I came under fire – big difference between male and female homosexuality) but that exists in the American context, as much as I never saw it at Midd or in New England.

The ‘Cac: If you could name a theme song for your season of Real World what would it be?

FS: So many montages to be made on Youtube! I would go with “A Real Hero” by College. At least for my experience on the show. Its an amazeballs song and it speaks to facing adversity and being real throughout, which makes you the hero. I can promise that I was one hundred percent real (which is more than I can say for some of my other fake castmates – I mean – roommates), and I feel heroic just for surviving. Plus, they featured the song in Drive and I wouldn’t mind looking like Ryan Gosling in slow motion.

The ‘Cac: Would you rather: pie Ke$ha or streak through the Country Music Awards.

FS: Pie Ke$ha and then lick it off after we both streaked the CMT Music Awards.

The ‘Cac: If you could do any other reality show, which show would you do?

FS: The only other reality show I would do would be the Challenge at this point, because I have so much pent up frustration that I want to kick some ass, especially to those who think they are God’s gift to masculinity.

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