Annnddd the Hogwarts Express rolls on…

Total Social House Move via The Orient Express:

“Today, the Inter House Council (IHC) launches a new blog as part of its its effort to revamp the “House Cup” and promote the improvement of the College House system…

One of the primary functions of the blog is to provide a space for the IHC to post information about the House Cup competition.  The Cup will be awarded yearly to the house that fosters the best social environment as determined by the council.  Points will be awarded at the end of each semester for achievement in a particular areas, such as hosting the best campus-wide party or undertaking the most noteworthy and successful home-improvement project.  

Pershan describes the House Cup as “a combination of Harry Potter and the Emmys,” and said he envisions the Cup as a lighthearted competition that everyone can become personally invested in; the Cup, the IHC hopes, will reify the latent competitive element of the College House system.

Pershan said he hopes the IHC can make the Cup ‘a trophy that will be novelty in its size and ridiculousness.’ “

From Colby:

Also, word on the street is that someone is trying to organize a Yule Ball for the CBB…#distrue?

painfully accurate.

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