Why am I the only one outraged by this?

I still remember the stick cone from my tour of Middlebury…literally four years ago. That is one memorable mother effing stick cone. And now just a casual YouTube video of its demise? Just like that? I can’t be the only one sentimental about stick cone, I only knew it for a brief tour guide’s talking point. But we’ll always have that moment…

So Midd-lifers, here’s my challenge to you: think of all the moments you had in, under, and over stick cone and tell me this video doesn’t milk your tears like a cow’s udder:

Yeah. That’s what I thought.

Where is Bill McKibben when you need him advocating like a B-O-S-S!

Was stick cone hurting anybody? NO. Was “So Inclined” too inclined? Mofo I have one word for you: PISA. Call yourself an international school…more like international travesty.

I am displeased.


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