We went to the moon in 1969

Not 1968, but a year later.

Are you following? Because I have some important things to say.

1. Things Bowdoin is hosting:

Field Hockey, this weekend.

Volleyball, TOMORROW. Solid 10-0. Solid.

The top volleyball rank in the ‘Cac is a first for the Polar Bears…meanwhile, the field hockey players are trying desperately to grow another finger. Rings all over the place. Good thing some of us are used to it:

2. Denial is a river that runs through Williamstown. We will be awaiting the results with bated breath.

3. In case it wasn’t already a sealed deal, Bowdoin officially gave their blessing to the inclusion of Thursday in the weekend. They didn’t even have to say anything, because casually putting out the Parent’s WEEKEND brochures last Thursday spoke for itself.

Just remember, you can still get pregnant on a Thursday. And consent is sexy…

4. Wes students are accusing Republican officials in Middletown of using scare tactics to keep them away from the polls on November 8th.

WesleyingOn Wednesday, Giuliano appeared at Wesleyan’s Usdan Center in person to tell students — wrongly — that they needed to provide identification in person at City Hall before they would be allowed to vote.

Earlier this week, Middletown’s Republican Registrar of Voters was quoted in the Middletown Press saying that she would try to block as many as half of the registered voters at Wesleyan from voting — before backtracking a day later…

‘This is a disturbing pattern of behavior,” said Michael Linden ’15. “Molly Salafia, one of Giuliano’s Republican candidates, wrote a Wespeak urging students not to vote — and Tom Sebold, a Middletown cop and Giuliano volunteer — has threatened students who try to vote with bogus tax charges.’

Linden has said that he is strongly considering filing complaints with the State Elections Enforcement Commission and the United States Department of Justice.”

Just remember, voting is never an easy win. That is why there is an OT in Vote. Lots of things that happen in Middletown affect Wes students, like the car crash that threatened the school’s tofu supply earlier this year. That’s not just a fact, that’s politics.

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