You have the voice of an angel

"We were going to use the Turquoise sharpie and then it ran out...Great hair!"

This Free Co(m)pliments guy on HerCampus Tufts is killin’ it.

Eloquent compliments are hard to come by…


Princeton Review named Bates among campuses with  Top 10 Most Politically Active Students. Here are some pictures from Occupy Lewiston:


Also, what does Conn’s Campo Safety do in their spare time? Investigate paranormal activity. Obviously.

Madison Patch “As Shamus Denniston tells it, he didn’t so much get interested in the paranormal as it got interested in him. Denniston says he is convinced his childhood home in Uncasville was haunted, with strange noises, whispered names, and unexplained broken objects plaguing the residence. He said he and his family also began to encounter “shadow people” apparitions and other unsettling visitors, to the point where they moved out.

‘It seemed the older I got the more I saw this activity occurring,” said Denniston, who works in campus safety at Connecticut College.'”


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