Bill Clinton Becomes a Jumbo for A Night

Last night, President Clinton came to Tufts to speak at the Fares Lecture. He headlined the Issam M. Fares Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies’ 10th anniversary lecture, which was fitting as he helped cut the ribbon in 2001.
President Clinton joked about being old, how he’s part neanderthal, and how his wife has a traveling job so he can now watch sports on TV all day, but he also had some pretty powerful things to say, the most popular ending up on twitter:
“Nobody can take your future away from you, but you can take it away from yourself.” Clinton #fareslecture
“large numbers of people + technology = great power, but we’ve only just scratched the surface” #FaresLecture
But he also emphasized dialogue and peace. “We should be friends and not enemies..the most important thing in a crisis is to get up and find something we can do that will make a positive difference, focusing on how to do something”. He did not refer directly to the Occupy Movement but did note that being part of the 1% means having a “citizen’s responsibility” to take on higher taxes.
He urged students to remain optimistic and not be in denial about reform: we need good government and a strong economy to work together and we must reform our systems and not withdraw from the world. He entered with a standing ovation and exited with an even stronger one.
However, Tufts students entered in what was a literal clusterfuck on the steps of Gantcher – the entrance was a mess, and while it wasn’t a shoving crowd, it was definitely an impatient one. I hope that in coming years, Tufts will reorganize the entrance and create a more efficient system. All in all, a great night!

5700 people + 7 metal detectors = failure

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