Hey, did you guys hear about that douchebag in New York who is suing his wedding photographers? Yeah, apparently he got married in 2003 and although he got divorced in ’08 he’s still salty that no pictures were taken of the last dance or bouquet toss. The really especially douche-y part is that one of the photography firm’s owners is a war veteran that escaped the Nazis and a beloved community figure known for shooting bat and bar mitzvahs.

NYT“Mr. Remis’s wedding took place in 2003 and he waited six years to sue. And not only has Mr. Remis demanded to be repaid the $4,100 cost of the photography, he also wants $48,000 to recreate the entire wedding and fly the principals to New York so the celebration can be re-shot by another photographer.

Re-enacting the wedding may pose a particular challenge, the studio pointed out, because the couple divorced and the bride is believed to have moved back to her native Latvia…

‘This is a case in which it appears that the “misty watercolor memories” and the “scattered pictures of the smiles … left behind” at the wedding were more important than the real thing,’ the judge wrote. “Although the marriage did not last, plaintiff’s fury over the quality of the photographs and video continued on.’

One of the two founders, Curt Fried, escaped Nazi-occupied Vienna in September 1939 as a 15-year-old and was drafted into the United States Army, where he learned to shoot pictures assisting cameramen along the legendary Burma Road supply line to China during World War II. Mr. Fried recalled that in the late 1940s, Arthur Fellig, the celebrated street photographer known as Weegee, twice sought work at the studio when he needed money, but was turned down because he did not own a suit.”

People like this really get my goat because…WAIT. HOLD ON.

“Mr. Remis claims ‘the office kept everything.’ But a 2004 magazine published by Mr. Remis’s alma mater, Bowdoin College, which is also online, displays a photograph of the bride and groom in a feature on alumni weddings. Mr. Fried said it was a photograph his firm took…

‘I had a good life, thank God,’ Curt Fried said, ‘and at the end of my life this hits me in the face.'”

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