Too good.

You know when the headline of an article is “Papandreou Knocked from Office by Former Amherst Roommate” that shit’s legit. Papandreou is seriously regretting every sexiling, toenail clipping, and apple core right about now. Oh, and maybe you should have replaced a beer in the mini every once in a while? Just saying.

It’s not politics, it’s life.

From a satirical letter to the Amherst class of ’74 printed in The Atlantic:

“To: Amherst College Class of 1974

From: Your Class Secretary

In Re: Events in Greece

Friends, I assumed that our most notable contribution to public affairs this year was lawyer Mike Kahn ’74 of St. Louis sparring in federal court with lawyer Fred Sperling ’75 of Chicago over whether “Hangover Part II” violated a tattoo artist’s copyright in using a face tattoo originally made for ex-boxer Mike Tyson.

But now comes the near collapse of the Greek economy and the fall of its government. We have impacted world events
We thank classmate Antonis Samaras and his roommate, George Papandreou, who entered with us but graduated with the class of ’75. It is, after all, a frequent challenge extracting much for the newsletter, given our generally solid but uneventful middle-class lives, replete with the kids, the grandkids, the vacation in India, or the recent Irish golfing trek with fraternity brothers…
Indeed, your class secretary was traveling with President Bill Clinton once and had press pool duty at a state dinner in Athens. Andonis saw me on a riser outside the room, beckoned me in and soon waved over George. We trafficked in nostalgia until security buttonholed me just as Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton were entering, prompting Mrs. Clinton to raise her eyebrows and wonder, “Jim, what are you doing in here?”

Well, it’s those ties that bind, and that are manifested in other ways, apparently even in Boston parking lots.
Rob Skovgard, a divorce lawyer in Stamford, Connecticut, was a chum of Andonis and learned pithy Greek phrases from him. He used several recently during a sharp disagreement in a Boston parking lot with the apparent Greek owner. “They guy was impressed, surprised, and backed off,” said Rob…

Well, we truly wish George, Andonis, and their families best wishes in trying times. And let’s hope that, when it comes to what Sports Illustrated calls the Biggest Little Football Game in America, they’ll be on the same page Saturday; rooting for our Lord Jeffs against arch-rival Williams.

Oh, deadline for the next edition of the class notes is November 23. If you can top Andonis and George as far as news, I’d be grateful! Cheers, Jim.”

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