Don’t fall apart, fall up

This past week was a victorious week for many in the ‘Cac, but it was also a rough week. Allegations of sexual assault at Colby, and now a terrible incident of racial intimidation at Williams.

As one Twitter follower put it, we’re “falling apart.”

HOWEVER I would rather think of it as “falling up.” Because when we stumble like this, to move onward and upward is the only option. I’m not naive enough to believe that our beloved campus bubbles are safe from universal problems.

BUT I do believe we are better equipped to handle them than most locales. We have the intelligence, empathy, and talent to recognize community flaws and correct them.

So go forth, heal, and solve…because ‘Cac-ness is a terrible thing to waste.

Here are links to past coverage of bias incidents in the ‘Cac:

NBC coverage of Trinity’s latest bias incident

Trinity campus discussion following bias incidents

Trinity, Bowdoin combat bias

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