This is why I don’t have Monday classes…

– Trinity Homecoming 2011 – 

Schedule of Events

10:00 am – Alumni Beer Garden Opens

Hansen Parking Lot

Sounds great.... I'll be in the student section, thank you very much

11:00 amHomecoming A Cappella Performance

Vernon Social Center

Seems like it was really well attended...

12:00 – Trinity v. Wesleyan Football Game
Jessee/Miller Field
Reserved seating: $6 per person and $2 per child (12 years old and under)
Free for Half-Century Club members (Class of 1961 and older) 
Tickets can be purchased at the gate on game day.  

Or as the guy who let us in said, " look like students"

"Reserved Seating" is a myth

Small children entertaining El Pres and Mrs. Jimmy Jones

Remarkably talented and adorable? Yes please.

Remarkably talented at being adorable? Yes please.

Oh...yeah...there was a game or something going on

4:00 pm –  Powernap

Located in your room, your boy/girlfriend’s room, your “we’re-been-hooking-up-for-a-bit-but-god-no-we’re-not-dating-because-commitment-scares-us-and-we’re-not-going-to-talk-about-it-yet-or-ever’s room, or on some couch somewhere with any and/or all of the aforementioned individuals  

6:00 pm – Rally & Dinner

But your phone’s charging so there aren’t any pictures

Late Night – Late Night 

Don't even bro about it

Limbro? They know how to get down. (I could keep going, but I'll stop.)

Civil war got a bit too real...

3:47 – Ceremonial Closing  Text of the Night

Heey come ovvr….Im tired

Can’t wait for next year…

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