This weekend: Remember Derrik Flahive

Before the race to oblivion begins, I hope the ‘Cac takes a moment to remember Colby’s beloved Derrik Flahive who, as you’ve heard, passed away recently in Chile.

I only knew Derrik to the extent of pleasant “hellos” and “sups” and the occasional stop-and-chat. But I do have one lasting memory of him from Spanish 127 when in what was surely his first class freshman year, Professor Rudolph asked what each student preferred to be called. Derrik proudly declared “Flavio,” much to the delight of the class. And Flavio he was for the rest of the semester.

By all accounts, he was one of the most friendly dudes on campus–the type of guy that didn’t mind going to the dining hall alone because he knew he would find someone to sit with. And if he didn’t, well, it must be time to sit with someone new and make a new friend.

So, enjoy the weekend. Be safe. And pour one out for Derrik Flahive.

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