The only thing scarier than doing my homework right now is trying to read a chart of XC results.

After defeating Bowdoin on Saturday, Midd fell to TCNJ in the NCAA field hockey final. With the 3-1 loss, Midd finishes the season 17-4.

We’re going to attribute this loss to the psychological effects of being forced to cut off their own arm   spit in their sister’s face fight ‘Cac on ‘Cac just the day prior. This is the dark side of the ‘Cac unity movement. Sorry.

Still proud of you girls! And remember, it’s not that bad,  you could be going to school in New Jersey…

Amherst women’s soccer fell 3-1 to Messiah in the NCAA section finals. They were previously undefeated.

Still proud of you girls! And remember, it’s not that bad, you could have male/female visiting hours…

It’s time to cut our losses ‘Cac, and go back to what we do best…everything. But before you skip off to your Sunday Funday activities I want you to ponder the following photo:

^^^^Chiara Del Piccolo became the first NESCAC runner to win the women’s individual XC title in 15 years.^^^^

Middlebury runners Margo Cramer and Addie Tousley took 3rd and 4th respectively, and Jeff Keri Lambert finished 8th.

There was solid ‘Cac representation in the overall top 10 women’s field, as Midd was second and Williams 3rd.

First male ‘Cacstar to finish was Bowdoin’s Colby Horowitz who came in 13th. The overall top 10 men’s field included Williams (6), Bates (2), and Tufts (9).

I only did one season of XC in high school, which has been largely lost to the effects of PTSD. Actually, all I remember is singing some tunes from Mulan on the bus…my memory picks up mid-November. Weird.


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