Wesleyan students steal over $14,000 worth of dishes from dining hall…

…proceed to act super apologetic:

“…if everyone’s going to talk so much about the costs, they should also recognize the benefits that this stolen tableware provides to Wesleyan students. Many would need to spend *at least* as much as $4.40 on tableware to get a set to use in their rooms, and that’s not even considering the fact that many don’t have transportation needed to get to off-campus stores to actually make these purchases. So, I would argue that the net impact on Wesleyan students of this stealing might even be positive, since the benefits outweigh the costs.”

“yeah. w.e. bro”

What weirds me out the most about this is the tone of righteous indignation.  As H5N1 pointed out, it’s $4.40 a person.  Plus, even if theft were completely eliminated (which will never happen), there’s no reason the money saved will go anywhere but the bottom line.

Aww really? Thank you Martha.

They say there are no second acts in American lives, but that’s just straight up wrong. How else would the school that brought you Occupy Wesleyan be bringing you The Dishware Entitlement Movement?


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