Here’s a bit of Fresh Squeezed knowledge for y’all…

With Hamilton’s annual Citrus Bowl quickly approaching I thought I’d dish out a steaming plate of HamTradition. The Citrus Bowl is the first men’s home hockey game of the season. “Why do you call it the citrus bowl?” (You 2011:1) I’m glad you asked. To put it simply, after Ham’s first goal students would throw oranges at the visiting goalie — Hilarious, I know. But in more recent times (I affectionately call them the dark ages) the administration has poopooed many of our amazing, unique, and classy traditions of pelting visiting athletes with fruit, streaking in front of toddlers, and drinking ourselves into oblivion before 10am. If I wanted to go to a school where I couldn’t have fun I would have applied to UChicago.

"Suck on deez" - The administration on borderline-dangerous social traditions

I should say, however, I understand their reasoning as to why we shouldn’t physically abuse the other team’s goalie. This year we’ll be playing another ‘Cac, Trinity! Bro’s before hoes #amiright. The social traditions committee on the Hill has come up with a ton of ideas to still throw shit from the stands without hitting anyone in the face with a grapefruit (they are hockey players mind you, we can’t risk anymore lost brain cells)

I joke, I joke. We like to have fun around here

This year t-shirts will be sold (designed by moi) that are fresh to death, and noise makers and foam fingers will be handed out at the game. We toyed with the idea of throwing orange teddy bears onto the ice but methinks that’s not going to happen. The hockey team is also being auctioned off for dates the Wednesday before the game to raise money for charity (ladies of HamTech start primping).  So although a school whose namesake took a bullet to defend his honor is banning a few lemons to the “lemons”(think about it) in my humble opinion as long as the story and history of the Citrus Bowl lives on I think we have done our part to carve in stone one of our most fantabulous traditions.

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