Its only dirty if you spell it D-U-R-T-Y

If you are Jumbo in the know, you have heard all over facebook that this weekend marks the annual Spirit of Color Fall Show, SoC Presents: Durty Dancing! If for some reason you are living under an elphant’s a$$ this is only the biggest show of the Tufts year, (sorry ‘Bubz love ya)!
As a choreographer for Spirit of Color, I can personally we have been working especially hard to work it out this year and put up a most amazing set with more booty popping, body grinding, and death defying moves! This show though is really for the fans, we went back to our roots with a mostly hip/hop set but have dances that cross over into jazz and contempo.
Either way come ready to get crunkkkkkkk.

For those uneducated let me break down a recent history of SoC:

Exp 0001: Feminist Attitudes: This sassy piece features the new smooth hip hop style that is sweepingh the nation, choreographed by our current director Ellie Caple and Static Noyze alum Christina Aguirre. (LOOK FOR THE TALL FIERCE BLACK BOY…that’s me)

King of Africa: This piece choreographed by yours truly along with my absolute favorite AlphaPhi Sistaaa Taryn Brandes show how theatrical our group can be. Known for our huge cast numbers this take the Lion King by storm. (Guess which one is me…………HINT: I’M THE KING)

Harold, Ring the Service Bell! Paris is burning to the moon!: This contempo piece by recent alum Jamie Gang illustrates our contempo/ballet/ jazzy side. Because we can do it all….

Make sure you get you tickets in the COHEN Box Office, and check out the Facebook event

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