Potentially just obligatory post about the Victoria’s Secret fashion show

But really, we all knew this was coming…A round-up of VSFS, by theme:


Heard it was good. I was in the other room skyping with my best friend about her presentation (today). It went well.

1st Kanye Performance:

Ditto. Sorry this gets better…

The Passion:

Ok, now we’re cooking. In my seat ready to go. Even moved the Christmas tree so that there were no branches bisecting Candice’s lines. May or may not have misidentified every blond as Kate Upton. Just kidding, not all blonds look the same, that’s racist.

Was slightly confused by the doctor and astronauts interview, I guess awkward middle school photos don’t have the same bite to them when there aren’t any physical imperfections involved.

Am I alone in saying the soundtrack was too mainstream Top 40? Nothing like some Alesso  to shake your hips to–just saying.  Adam Levine not included, he can show up wherever, whenever.

New Orleans “ante-bellum burlesque”:

^Not my words. Missed opportunity for Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.”  Aside from that some great lingerie, solid performance by Adriana Lima. Liked the French influences: skinny black and white stripes (those boots helloooo), and the light pink. Supporting two parasols on your butt is no easy feat I think, but well executed. That was probably my favorite outfit of the night, because wherever I go I make it rain we’ll leave it at that.

Oh, You again:

I like Kanye West. I like Kanye on a plane, I like Kanye on a train, I like Kanye with a fox, I like Kanye without sox…I do not however like Kanye with Jay-Z in the middle of a fashion show. It was a distraction, sorry. Producers saved it by cuts to cute girls dancing.*

aww no.

*Shimmying, and– in the case of cumbersome wings–waving a couple of fingers in time to the beat. Yeah I saw you, you almost pulled it off.

Nicki Minaj macking dudes up

Oh did I say macking? Haha. I meant to say having a rather public vertical crisis. Good to see the neon finally came out to play because that is all that they are marketing for our demographic these days.

I hate to rehashtag this point but now that we’re being followed by like five craft supply companies on Twitter…#craftsupplies THEY WERE WEARING CRAFT SUPPLIES.


I feel like I’m missing something…

Oh yeah just like 50 gymorexic tweets. Calm the eff down ladies, this fashion show only happens once a year. This is how most people feel EVERY WEEK when they watch jeopardy.

We all have our strengths. Moderate good looks get degrees! #inthecac

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